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The Internet has changed the way people communicate and conduct business. It is no longer just a huge library of information, news, and entertainment, but also a marketplace where everybody has equal opportunity to make a fortune. People use Internet for many different purposes; you can use it as a source of entertainment contents, virtual education platform, a market to sell things, advertising platform to promote products & services, or a combination of all those things. Regardless of your professions and where you live, chances are you also use the Internet as a communication platform to get in touch with friends and families on social media.

As technologies improve and Internet becomes inseparable part of everyday activities, people start to see good opportunities to make money online as well. Internet has always been a mean of communication, but it has redefined the term “communication” into something much more complex than just having conversation and sending texts.

You utilize the Internet to work together with a team separated million miles away, play multiplayer games with a group of people from different countries, or even watch security footage on your home while lying on the beach; all can be done thanks to Internet. Let us not forget that Internet can even act as a middleman through which you sell goods & services to other people, and then receive money from the buyer in an instant. The combination of real-time communication, marketing, information, as well as financial activities opens the door for business ventures. People can make money just by using Internet.


Over the course of Internet growth until today, we have come across a variety of business models with which people can make money online; one of the most recent is called PayPo. To understand how PayPo works, we have to understand a specific type of an online business model called PPC (Pay per Click) marketing.

PPC is one of the most popular online ventures today. Many people use the method and have made considerable amount of money. In this business model, advertisers pay certain amount of money each time one of their ads is clicked by Internet users. The ad is essentially a link to redirect user to a particular website that tries to sell goods or services. Here is an example:

When you visit a blog about home improvement, you may see banner ads on the side of the page that says affordable solar panel, power tools, smart thermostat, or what have you. Those banner ads are placed by the blog administrators so users can go directly to online hardware stores where they can purchase items they need for home improvement projects. Blog administrators work together with store owners to display the banner ads on relevant pages.

Each time blog visitor clicks one of the ads, blog administrators earn money or commission. The amount of commission is negotiable between store owners and blog administrators. It does not cost money for user to click the ads, but the blog earns money anyway. It is the way that store owners thank to the blog for displaying the ads and redirecting users to the stores. Whether or not the user purchases anything from the store is beyond this business model.

PayPo fall under this marketing models. However, PayPo requires members to display ads on certain websites including Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, and Backpage on daily basis. In general, there are only three requirements as follows:

* Only PayPo members have access to the provided ads
* Members must own PayPal account
* Members must display the ads on the aforementioned websites

It takes money to make money, and PayPo requires each member to pay registration fee of $10 to get access to the following:

* A PayPo website filled with step-by-step instructions on how to make money with the method
* Advertising and marketing resources
* The classified ads to display
* Banner to make the ads more eye-catching on websites
* Unlimited email support free of charge
* 20 e-Books about Internet Marketing

On the official page of PayPo, visitors are greeted with this message:

Once you join, PayPo becomes your own online “Business-In-A-Box” profit machine. Get paid $10 instantly into your PayPal account every time someone you refer does the same as you and joins the PayPo system! If you can copy & paste a few ads online every day, you will earn loads of money! No expensive software or ongoing website costs. Just pure profit. Simple & ready to go!

Based on the greeting message above, PayPo is very simple way to take advantage of the Internet and earn money online. The good thing is that the system gives instruction, resources, as well as email support for members. It is not uncommon for people to join an online venture group but they have no idea about how everything works.

Most online venture groups actually offer classes or courses to explain the necessary procedures to all members so the method works as intended. Despite all the online discussions, there is always a possibility that someone is not paying enough attention or distracted during the lesson, and this is where the email support comes in. The system should not leave anybody behind and offer supports to all members in case they have questions or further explanations. PayPo also gives e-Books and other resources to understand online marketing even better.

Everybody is interested to online ventures, but sometimes the initial cost prevents them from exploring the opportunity. PayPo does require member to pay an upfront cost of $10; according to the official website, this is only a one-time payment. Once deposited, members get access to various resources to start the venture. In most PPC marketing methods, every member must own, build, and maintain at least one active website to display the ads. PayPo allows its members to display classified ads on their social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter. Assuming the members have considerable network on their social websites, there is a good chance that someone clicks the ads.

How It Differs from Typical PPC

As previously mentioned, PPC method gives payout when someone clicks the ads that you display on the websites or blogs that you own. Please put in mind that some blogs (mostly the free ones) do not allow administrator to display ads. Administrators need to purchase a domain name and pay for hosting to display ads. In other words, the websites must be fully owned by administrators before they can utilize the websites for commercial purposes. Depending on how well the websites is maintained, PPC can be fruitful ventures indeed.

PayPo does not require members to own websites (purchase domain name or hosting fee) since the classified ads are displayed on social media and a couple of other websites including Craigslist and Backpage. Social account on Facebook and Twitter are free to create, share, and use.

Another big difference is the way PayPo commission is given. On typical PPC, website owners receive payment from the number of ads-clicks they get. It does not matter if the clicks end up in purchase or not; more clicks translate to more money. Website owners usually try to get more clicks by displaying the ads on a page with relevant content. For example, ads about keyboard should be placed on a page with content about computers as well, just like the home improvement sample above. With PayPo, payment is not merely based on the number of clicks, but whether or not the person who clicks the ads joins PayPo. Here is another script from PayPo page:

PayPo is a very simple money making system that earns you multiple $10 payments throughout the day. Basically once you join PayPo for a one-off $10 fee, you will create your own unique referral URL. When someone you refer via your link joins PayPo, their $10 payment goes straight to you! It’s so easy. There are no offers to complete like a lot of other companies. ALL you do is promote your reseller link to earn. Everything is totally safe and secure because it goes through PayPal. If you follow the steps correctly, you can easily earn $100+ per day in your PayPal account.

Referring to the piece taken from the official page PayPo, it seems that members need to do two things to make money. First, they have display the provided classified ads. Second, they also need to accompany the ads with marketing words of their own to convince others to join the system.

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