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How to make money from home assembling products

Working from home has always been desirable, mainly because of rarity and the promise of comfort. Plenty of different jobs are available to provide opportunities for everyone regardless of their skill levels in different fields of business. At-home product assembly is also increasing in demand; some companies prefer to hire home workers to assemble products to save production cost. They give you chance to get more income and work at your own pace. Because this is not a full-time job, you can work for a company on certain project or multiple companies as long as you can get the job done.

How it works

In most cases, assembly jobs require you to purchase the parts of the products to be assembled. After you assemble the kit or product, you submit it back, and the company will purchase it from you. For example, if you register with XYZ Company, you cannot purchase the parts from somewhere or someone else; it typically involves a small fee from $25 to $30. Once the product is ready, you send it back and get it reviewed. If your product meets the company’s expectation, it will buy the product from you. It sounds simple, but unfortunately it can be quite complicated. As mentioned earlier, each product has to meet the company’s guideline in terms of quality. If you have to assemble a number of units, you need to make sure that all of them adhere to the company’s requirement. There are many questions to ask:

– What if the instructions are made unclear so it is nearly impossible for you to make perfect product?
– What if the provided materials/kits that you purchase are cheap and flimsy?
– Is there any tolerance about deadline?
– Can you get answers if you come across difficulties?
– Can you get sample of an approved product from the company?

Home assembly jobs are popular, but it strikes both ways: more people are looking to get hired and work by assembling various products, but there are so many scams reported so far. One of the best ways to avoid being scammed is to work only from local companies. A lot of small business owners outsource their workers, so they can save money. Without too many full time workers, they save cost in salary which may include health insurance compensations. Working with local companies makes everything easier because you can visit the product manager and ask questions directly. The time for approval/disapproval should be quicker as well, and you know exactly the reasons why. Some companies even offer to pay daily, weekly, or monthly.

If you have to work with distant companies, the risk of being scammed increases. It does not mean that all companies that offer home-assembly jobs are scam, but it is wise to be careful. Here are some things you can do to figure out if a company is safe to work with:

Check the company’s phone number:
It goes without saying that every company has a phone number. You can check if the phone number is listed in the telephone directory from websites such as or A company that can be traced only from P.O Box is questionable.

Retail store and website:
If a company needs home workers to assemble products, it has to have retail store. There should be distributors and customer base as well. Because they need home workers, it means they get overloaded with orders. If it does not have retailers, you should avoid it too. The website of a company can be good indication of how professional it is. Of course, many people can create professional-looking website to attract buyers so judging by website appearance only is not enough.

Search in BBB (Better Business Bureau) website:
BBB compiles report from local affiliates about every company, big and small. If the website indicates that there is an alert for a particular company, you may want to stay away. You can even file detailed report about a company if necessary.

If all look good, you really have the chance to start your venture in home assembly job and make real money. Opportunities are available, and there are a lot of companies from various fields of business that need the helps from home workers to get the jobs done. Some of the most common examples are:

Crafts and Jewelries:
Several companies will pay home workers to assemble craft items, jewelries, and various holiday products. Most products you need to assemble will be necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Such companies will list the projects on their websites and list them based on difficulties from Easy to Expert. A deposit is required, which is basically a purchase for the kits to assemble the products. The payment is based on the time required for you to finish the project. After all kits that you purchase are assembled, you can submit them for review. If the products are rejected, you may want to request for review notes and make the necessary changes. Once everything passes inspections, submit them again and get your payment.

Miniatures and Bikes:
Products include bicycle, calendars, juice cartons, miniature books, hymnals, etc. Similar to most (if not all) home assembly jobs, deposits are required. Some companies allow you to assemble one product only before you can continue. This is actually good indication that the company wants the product to be of good quality. It is safe bet for the workers too because they don’t have to spend much as a start. If your starter product is approved, you can continue working on more units.

Working with a legitimate and reputable company, you can expect to earn $400 to $500 a month. Depending on your skill level, you can earn more by finishing more products quicker than the average people. For those who live in high-cost areas, the salary has no appeal indeed but others who live in low-cost neighborhoods may find it quite attractive as additional income.

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