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Most important social media sites of 2017

It’s 2015 and if you still don’t know what social networking is, just go into your bathroom and drown yourself in the bucket of water. Yes, Human is a social animal and if since the inception, he’s looking for different ways to connect and network with others. But in this digital era, socialism has taken a completely different path that is not understandable to most of the old times socialists. Gone are the days when people only used to make friends and connect with people face to face.

Now, most of the friendships and network are built on the cyberspace. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms have turned the table all around. So now, most of the business opportunities emerge from the internet. If you are not using the power of online marketing for your business, you’ll be left much behind to your competitors and your market. Here’s few of the social media platforms that you must use in order to take your network or business to a new height.


This has revolutionized the way the humans interact now a day. All the things on the internet and the outside world turned upside down only with the introduction of this amazing website. The most astounding feature of this social site is its sharing capability. People can share the posts, photos, video and much more to their friends, family, and relatives. Furthermore, new concepts like Facebook Fan page has opened up enormous opportunities for internet businesses.


The most simple of all the social networks is the Twitter. The user of this platform is bound to make his message short and thus he’ll only post relevant information, no bullshit. This is the most easy to use platform and most powerful to build online network.


You must be having memories when people used to do business meetings offline long time back. But now, most of the business meetings happen on the business networking platform called LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a career oriented website that the most of the organizations use today for recruitment purposes. Most of the workers build their profile on LinkedIn to present themselves to other organizations from which they have an expectation to recruit them.

Moreover, business communities and showing the achievements, interests here help companies look for the appropriate candidate for their firm.


Google has occupied most of the cyberspace and people use “Google” as synonym to the “internet”. There’s not been a field in which Google has not proved its worth. Similar to other fields, it has also been able to impact the world of social media greatly.

Though, Google+, the social community by Google, was not able to convince its audience in the beginning, but slowly it has improved enough to impress its users and make an impact in the online social world. We can say that the Google+ has combined the best features of Twitter and Facebook in order to prove its worthiness to the online world. And the World’s largest search engine “Google” finally had a website that has something for everyone.


Disqus is a social engagement platform, not a social media platform. And it can definitely help you improve your social engagement. The main task of this social tool is providing comments facilitation and managing feedback on the websites. Disqus-enabled websites can manage spam messages like no other tool can. Advanced features of this tool are incredible and thus social monitoring becomes a lot than ever it was before.

Tumblr: This is a completely different platform from many others as it essentially hosts microblogs for its users. It allows individuals and organizations to fill their blogs with short video clips and images. All the multimedia stuff can be made viral here and thus it can be used for SEO purposes.


Pinterest came with the unique idea to pin photos that became a huge hit in the last few years. It has impacted the social media industry greatly with the ability to share pictures like many other social media platforms. This platform is popular amongst women primarily and is known for its creativity features. Moreover, capability to duplicate the content, images makes it outdo other social media websites.


After Google and Facebook, the most used website by people today is Youtube. This website is also a part of Google program called “Google Adsense”. There are millions of views a video gets which gets published on Youtube and it simply shows the popularity of Youtube.

Video promotion concept has been one of the most powerful promotional strategies now a day and there’s no doubt that its use is going to increase day by day. People can rate, share and comments on Youtube videos and enjoy this astounding social video platform.


This platform has become popular since last few years. The purpose of this website is to make network with like-minded people. And it offers people to make similar interests groups and organize meetings within the same group.

Meetup is an excellent place to explore new things as it allows people to make their weirdest dreams possible. I can say that the world is differently going to a completely new direction. It’s something like all the contagious energies are going in the same direction.

If you haven’t yet understood what social networking is, then I’ve many answers for you. It’s a way to represent yourself to the world, to make network, to build businesses, to connect, to make things easier, to make this world a better place for yourself and others.

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