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The main purpose of OkPay is to allow every online business owners to succeed. The company does that by giving an easy way to handle transaction, payments, and withdrawals via Internet. It is almost like PayPal, but with added features. One of the most impressive additions is that OkPay allows users to access all the money you have in your account from any ATM machine all around the world, as long as the machine has MasterCard logo on it.

Unless you are in a deserted island, chances are you can send and make payments through the company. User can also order virtual MasterCard directly from OkPay to simplify the registration and verification process. Registering to OkPay is neither too difficult nor too easy.

  • First, you have to choose the type of account you want to have, either Personal or Business. Functionality is more or less the same, but the latter offers the option for online banking as well. With either account type, you can basically perform cash transfers via Internet.
  • Second, you must choose between Buyer and Seller account; they have different perks, but you can change this option depending on your preferences.
  • Third, there are some procedures required including identity conformation, address confirmation, mobile phone number verification, and email address verification. For identity and address confirmation steps, you may need to scan and upload any valid ID card containing the information to the website.
  • For the average online banking users (both buyers and sellers), they only want some basic features such as fast processing and secure payment gateway. Compared to other similar services, OkPay does seem to keep the cost on the low side without sacrificing security.

    Privacy and Security OkPay

    A number of security mechanisms are implemented. The main purpose is to prevent criminals from using OkPay services and make the company more reliable over time. To protect legitimate clients from potential issues, OkPay has the following safety measures:

  • User verifications using copies/scanned documents of valid IDs such as passports and driver licenses.
  • OKPay complies with all AML policies. All funds and financial activities can be tracked down to figure out the source of the money involved in transactions.
  • Automatic fraud monitoring service to monitor suspicious financial activities.
  • Another good thing is that OkPay allows for anonymity as well. As long as you are not having transaction worth more than $300.00, you can keep the transaction anonymous. For larger transactions, the verification process is a little bit more complicated but this is necessary to prevent frauds in case of unsuccessful transactions.

    1 Comment

    1 Comment

    1. Kay

      May 29, 2017 at 11:37 pm

      You’re right, OKPAY is a very securitized website, for example, I could not recover my password anymore.

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