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Soft Mining Review – Scam or Not?

While most people have heard of cryptocurrency, many of them do not know what it is and how to get it. Cryptocurrency does not have any physical form, but it is a legitimate medium of exchange; it circulates independently and the value is determined by the law of supply and demand. One of the easiest ways to get cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, AdvCash, Perfect Money, and Payeer is by a method called mining.

Because there is no central bank that regulates the distribution of money, cryptocurrency relies on users/owners computer resources to process all transactions. Secure software is used to make sure all transactions are safe and legitimate. Mining means you contribute a portion of your computer hardware resources to help process any possible transaction. Some digital currencies actually have higher values than US dollars or even Euros, and this attracts more people to mine often and acquire more assets. Some people, however, do not have enough hardware resources to contribute but there is a workaround:

Established in the second quarter of 2016, Soft Mining is still new but it has gain a lot of exposures from many popular digital currency forums. You can consider Soft-Mining a cloud cryptocurrency mining service, allowing everyone to get involved in digital currency distribution all across the Internet and rewarded accordingly. Instead of doing all the labor work yourself, the company allows you to invest certain amount of non-digital currency and let the money grow.

How to Register at

At the time of the writing, the website is under maintenance, but it is safe to say that the registration process does not have anything overly difficult to understand. There are only three fields to fill including email address, secret key, and watchword confirmation. Once the registration is done, you become a shareholder and have the potential to make steady flow of income. The amount of cryptocurrency you can get depends on how much you invest, of course. Soft-Mining offers several different types of investments as follows:

Spent Amount

Daily Profit

Referral System

$10.00 – $500.00



$501.00 – $1500.00


$1501.00 and more


Once again, because cryptocurrency is not operated by a central bank and it can be used for online transactions almost in all countries, Soft-Mining does not require you to scan and upload an ID card as proof of citizenship.


Soft-Mining is good idea. The platform opens the door for everyone to invest, contribute, and get involved in the circulation of digital currency all across the web. Your investment helps make sure that digital currency is here to stay and you get rewarded for your investments as long as the website stays active.

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