Affiliate marketing

The essential facts about affiliate marketing you need to know

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money online without having to create a single product.

There are four main participants within the process of affiliate marketing in order for the process to work.

1. The retailer or merchant who owns the product for sale and has control over the advertising and copyright of the product.

2. The process or network that provides the format of advertisement or sales page dictating the selling terms and conditions and which also take care of receiving payments. The process of calculating and paying commissions to affiliates and members

3. The affiliate, responsible for creation of the advertisement and method of attracting buyers

4. The customer who purchases the product, seemingly from the affiliate but ultimately from the merchant through the network.

Affiliate marketing is often confused with internet marketing as customers think they are buying from the product creator or owner however it is often impossible to tell the difference from an affiliate. After all, the owner dictates the advertisement and wording in respect of the product to ensure their “integrity” or “brand” is maintained.

This type of marketing stemmed from owners of products wishing to spread their awareness within the market place and paying commission to others to help them and encourage sales without the need to do it all themselves.

The owner will not incur any of the expenses of the marketing campaign as the affiliate chooses which way to advertise, whether free or paid.

As expected, there are very unscrupulous and vicious affiliates who use every known method to secure sales however, there are also quality sites and affiliates offering no quibble, money back guarantees if you are not happy with a product.

By establishing a good reputation and having a similar ethic when working as an affiliate, it is possible to build a large list of buyers, secure email addresses on purchase and then use this email list to sell further products by recommendation (see more successful tips), further increasing your own commissions through this.

To get started in affiliate marketing, the first step is to decide which industry or niche you want to advertise in, create a website to advertise your products, identify the product you want to promote, copy the code provided by the owner to insert into your website and create the advertisement, find a method to advertise your website to get visitors to view your offer and promote the product, monitor your sales and commissions received.

Creating a website is a simple process with three steps. Think of a domain name and register with a company to see if it is free. Buy the name. Find a hosting company which can be the same company or another one, depending on what you prefer. Direct the domain name to the hosting company by following instructions to do so. Once the hosting company displays your website, add content to it.

The next step if to check your website works and everything works on it, then start advertising.

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